International  Center  for  Isotope  Effects  Research

Nanjing University

Prof. Huiming Bao (PhD, 1998, Princeton University)CV

B-315, Modern Engineering Plaza



Research interests

A common thread of my research has been the use of high-dimensional stable isotope systems to "read" geological, biological, and environmental records, as well as reaction pathways:

Middle atmosphere; ancient atmosphere on Earth; Earth history; Mars; applications of isotope effects in chem/bio-engineering.

Active Research Projects

Modern- and paleo-atmosphere chemistry  

Interfacial (e.g. mineral growth and dissolution; evaporation) processes

Chemical including enzymatic reaction kinetics

CHNOPS and water cycles in deep Earth history



Earth History

Isotope Effect: Principle and Application



B. Sc. Peking University, P. R China, Geology, 1982-1986
M.Sc. Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Geology & Palaeontology, 1986-1989
Ph. D Princeton University, Geosciences, 1993-1998
Postdoc University of California San Diego, Atmospheric Chemistry, 1998-2001


Selected Publications:

A full list sorted in subject fields can be found in CV-Appendix.

Cao, XB. & Bao, HM., Small Triple Oxygen Isotope Variations in Sulfate: Mechanisms and Applications. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 86,  463-488 (2021).

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