International  Center  for  Isotope  Effects  Research

Nanjing University

Zhao  Wei

Major advisor: Huiming Bao
Office: A-439
Grade: 2021

Phone: +86-188-1175-7636 (Wechat is the same)

Reasearch interest

Ice Core isotope geochemistry, Atmospheric chemistry, Lake ecosystem

My current research interests are the atmospheric nitrate signal in ice cores and the fractionation mechanism of phosphate oxygen isotopes in limnology.



B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering at Heifei University of Technology. 2014-2018.

M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2018-2021.

Ph.D. candidate at Nanjing University. 2021 to present.



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2. Wang, C., Wei, Z., Shen, X., Bai, L., & Jiang, H. 2022. Particle size-related vertical redistribution of phosphorus (P)-inactivating materials induced by resuspension shaped P immobilization in lake sediment profile. Water Research. (213).


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