International  Center  for  Isotope  Effects  Research

Nanjing University

Three positions open at ICIER

  We at the International Center for Isotope Effects Research (ICIER), Nanjing University, are actively recruiting new faculty members to join our dynamic team. We seek candidates for three distinct positions, each focusing on the exploration and application of isotope effects:

  1. A noble-gas specialist with robust analytical skills. This position offers flexibility, available at the rank of research associate, technical staff (permanent), or tenure-track/tenured professor, contingent upon the candidate's qualifications.

  2. A physical chemist, eligible for appointment at the rank of tenure-track assistant professor.

  3. A molecular physiologist, also eligible for appointment at the rank of tenure-track assistant professor.


  ICIER is a cross-college and cross-discipline research hub. It is currently based off and growing out of the College of Earth Sciences and Engineering at Nanjing University. All of our faculty members are affiliated with different colleges in Nanjing University, including but not limited to Earth Sciences, Planetary Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geography and Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences, Medical School, and Life Sciences. 

2024-06-13 09:44 Ph.D. Student Sun Xiang Receives Outstanding Presentation Award at the Ninth Youth Geoscience Forum.
2024-05-11 16:36 The publication of our collaborative work on basal Ediacaran barite crytsal fans in East Finnmark, northern Norway, brings back the memory of all the fun time back in 2014.
2024-05-11 16:32 ICIER researchers involved in an exciting discovery on the asteroid Vesta, a study led by colleagues from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Central South University (China). 
2024-04-10 09:30 The field trip of 2024
2024-04-01 14:30 Prof. Siteng Fan from Southern University of Science and Technology gave a seminar on Diurnal Temperature Variations and Thermal Tides in the Martian Atmosphere.
2024-02-01 15:45 Prof. Hattori was awarded as "Emerging Investigator Awardr" by International Association of GeoChemistry (IAGC).
2023-12-25 11:45 ICIER was involved in an effort led by Bin Li at GFZ to produce reference barite, anhydrite, and gypsum samples for in-situ δ18O and δ34S measurement using secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS). The ...
2023-12-20 11:04 Gathering at the end of 2023
2023-12-20 10:16 Postgraduate student Xiaoli Dong received the Excellent Oral Report Award at the 9th National Conference on Stable lsotope Ecology.
2023-10-30 15:07 Ph.D. Student Sun Xiang Receives Outstanding Presentation Award at the 14th National Aerosol Conference.
2023-09-27 11:20 Prof. Gray Byerly from  Louisiana State University visited ICIER and gave a seminar.
2023-08-19 10:31   2023 Workshop on High-Dimensional Isotope Signatures effects was held from August 19th to August 20th.
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